wrapping up.

wrapping up.

“Wheel in the sky keeps on turning, don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow.” – Journey

Howdy! I said I was going to post a new blog about oh say two weeks ago now? Time fly’s when your life is falling apart. In all seriousness, things have been going okay. I know my last blog I was just whining about my current circumstances but I think I figured my shit out. Am I going to be working at a bar? No, but I am getting out of that #cubelife in t-minus two weeks. I talked to my boss and told him I was miserable so he agreed to put me out in the field. Which is going to be fucking great for my sanity and reminds me of a scene from “Office Space”. “This ain’t so bad huh? Making bucks, working outside, *shovel toss* getting exercise” –

Office Space Fuckin' A GIF
(GIF via PBJ918)

As far as my legal woes go, It sounds like I won’t be doing any jail time and I’ll have about eighteen months of probation. While that all sounds fine and dandy, there is, of course, a catch. The catch is that I’m going to have the F-word stained on my record, and no I’m not talking about “fucking-asshole”. That’s not even one-word people, learn some English. I’m talking about the word Felon. Which is absolutely banana’s to me because I didn’t think our justice system would give someone who felt bad about accidentally stepping on a butterfly a felony. RIP Monny (it was a monarch).

So as you can tell, I’m in the process of wrapping up this chapter of my life. Which is a lot more of a daunting task than I originally imagined due to the mess I created. But when it’s all said and done I know I’m going to be happier. I’ll have a lot more free time to focus on creating content for my four readers and to play music. Which as of right now, I believe to be my calling. Give it time though folks because in another six months I may have a new found passion for underwater basket weaving… Never a dull moment when you’re ADD about your future.

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