the system.

the system.

“The law ran into a problem with you.” – the Conoco employee i’m 97% sure was hitting on me. 

Since this whole mess started almost two weeks ago I’ve been realizing more and more how fucked up our legal system is. It’s one of those things if you don’t have money or if you don’t have a solid support system you’re more than likely going to get intwined in it for a long time. When I was spending my labor day weekend eating mystery meat and sleeping on the equivalent of a camping mat,  I had been talking to all these kids that have been wrapped up in the legal system for years and just can’t get out. They have no support from their family and no money to get themselves out of the mess they’re in. Which almost forces someone in that position to resort back to the streets once they do get out. How else are you supposed to make enough money to pay for all the classes, random drug tests, and then find transportation to and from these things? Slangin’ burgers at the local McDicks certainly won’t.

I don’t know, I guess it all comes down to the person and their willingness to get out. I know personally, I don’t want to be trapped in that shit and will do whatever it takes to get out. Mostly because it’s terrible and partly because orange isn’t my color. Two and half days at the Four Seasons Larimer was plenty for one lifetime and I hope that’s all I ever have to do. I’ve been stone sober since I got out and plan to stay that way until all of this blows over. I guess I’ll find out in a month or so what my fate is but hopefully it’s some sort of long term probation. That’s much more palatable than having to force feed yourself with the lovely present odor of periodontal disease.. Brush and floss your teeth kids.

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