The Hashtones.

The Hashtones.

The Hashtones performing at the North Side Tavern on 12/09/2017

“Overworked, overtaxed, and underpaid. You can’t live off minimum wage” – Hashtones

Popping the cherry of this featured artists section is Denver, CO’s own, The Hashtones. Who I might add, knew I wanted to feature after seeing these guys jam for the first time. I say jam because their shows last anywhere from three to four hours with minimal breaks. Certainly, if you’ve ever played an instrument, will know is not an easy feat by any means. Not to mention those three to four hour-long shows is the only practice they get. Which obviously adds to their impressiveness as musicians and ability to quote “fly by the seat of their pants” (thanks, Sam).

The Hashtones style is heavily reggae-influenced and it’s worth noting that the frontman/ lead guitarist, Steven, sounds like Brad from Sublime… Minus the heroin (RIP). Their set list includes everything from dope originals to covers of artists ranging from 311, The Expendables, Elton John*, and Hendrix. With that broad range of tunes its guaranteed to make even your Grandma bob her head at some point. But leave her at home she doesn’t need to see you drunkenly twerk on the band after an Avalanche game. Nor does anyone for that matter because now your legacy lives on in a blog, you know who you are.

The Hashtones current lineup consists of –

  • Steven (Frontman/ lead guitar)
  • Derek (Bass)
  • Jason “Dubbs” (drums)
  • Sam (Keys)

All of these guys are veterans of Denver’s music scene having individually been apart of it for 15+ years. The current lineup of the band actually used to play together a number of years ago under the name “The Disciples”. However, after many changes, it was decided to start fresh under their new name The Hashtones. They play just about every weekend so check out their schedule here. Obviously, I can’t recommend these guys enough. They always put on a hell of a show and you owe it to yourself to go check one out. Be sure to shout out a song request too. I have yet to see them be stumped. In the meantime, give their album “Where Ever You Go” a listen which is available on both Itunes and Spotify.

P.S. – They fucking nail the Hendrix covers. Not like your buddy in high school who plays a rendition of purple haze that makes Hendrix roll over in his grave.

*Originally had David Bowie listed as one of their covers because I apparently forgot who wrote “Rocket Man”. Fucking idiot

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