coffee shopper.

coffee shopper.

Coffee Shop Band Performing
Moses Walker Band performing at La Dolce Vita coffee shop in Arvada Co on 09/24/2017

“drinking and gambling, living in a blue paradise” – Moses Walker Band

If you spend an extended period of time in coffee shops you might encounter the following situations –

  1. A local old timer’s blues band performing stellar originals
  2. Seeing a girl you could see being your next mistake
  3. Ruining any chances with said girl after making a coffee and smoke induced BM because she’s seated too close to the bathroom.. Bummer.

98.7% sure I’m on the path to becoming a hipster. I say this because due to my current license-less circumstances, I went out and bought a fixed gear bike. I have been riding said bike to local coffee shops in my secondhand vintage leather jacket, and hanging out writing/ working on this website for hours on end. Hipster? Douchebag? Hipster-douchebag? That’s for you to decide. Not sure I like this new persona I’m undertaking. But seeing as I can’t go boozing for the foreseeable future, this seems like the next best option to go out and mingle with the public.

One positive takeaway is my urge to support local business’s in lieu of the greedy corporations is solidifying. Not sure if that’s a hipster-douchebag trait or if I’m just sick of being a sheep. My guess is the former of the two. But take the extra time people! Just because an establishment may not be as conveniently located or a little pricier doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time and money. Every time you support a local business you are contributing to keeping a roof over someones head who had the balls to go out and try to make it on their own. Plus the coffee tastes better. So don’t make their dream die because you’re a miserable sheep cunt!

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