Vinyl Review – Appetite For Destruction

Vinyl Review – Appetite For Destruction

Photo by Dad Rocker.

“I might be a little young but honey I ain’t naive” – Guns N’ Roses

Starting out Dad Rockers vinyl review segment strong with one of the hardest hitting debut albums ever released. Appetite for Destruction by Guns N’ Roses. Though I wasn’t even a twinkle in my fathers eye (RIP) when this album had been released, I can’t imagine my formative years as a delinquent without it. The amount of Jack Daniels and cocaine I have consumed to tracks like “My Michelle”, “Night Train”, and “Rocket Queen” would be enough to kill a small village in Africa. Side note, shout out to almost six weeks of forced sobriety.

Seriously though, I owe a lot to this album. I wouldn’t be playing guitar had I not heard theĀ intro to “Paradise City”. Which, I might add, still gives me chills to this day. Then who can forget classics like “Welcome To The Jungle” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. While both overplayed, I still find myself able to listen to them on repeat. Which says something because usually hearing songs as overplayed as Queens “We Will Rock You” or Survivors “Eye Of The Tiger” makes me want to rip my ears off, Van Gogh style. Not with Guns N’ Roses though. I’ll happily belt out “SHA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA KNEES KNEES” any day of the week. Enough about me though.

Appetite For Destruction embodies everything that is sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. It’s an album you can pop on and listen to front to back while doing a work out or while doing lines off an escort. But I’m a lazy POS and am not rich enough to simultaneously afford blow and a hooker. So instead, I opt to listen to it while driving in my car or when getting ready for a big night out. Either way, AFD is sure to get you pumped up for any occasion. This album rates a 10/10 on the Dad Rocker album scale.

Fun fact – during the slide guitar solo in “Rocket Queen”, you can hear a girl having an orgasm in the background. That’s actually a real orgasm by Steven Adler’s ex-girlfriend at the time, Adriana Smith. The story goes that Steven had cheated on her so in order to get back at him she fucked Axl Rose. Axl then recorded the audio to their session and dubbed it into the song. Fucking wild. Could you imagine your band mate doing that to you? I think I would kill the mother fucker. Realistically they probably didn’t give a shit, it was the 80’s.



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